String Problems

Engineers need to work with strings all the time. Imagine how much information in the form of text is processed at companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft. Such problems are popular at interviews and that’s why we have a separate section for them.

There are some often seen string problems, which people face. Here we will look at some of them without going into too many details about the different algorithms. As for the other algorithmic topics this lesson only serves as a quick overview that will hopefully help you in finding more detailed resources.

There are plenty of tasks involving strings that may come to mind. It’s hard to cover them all and this is not practical at all. What is better is to practice working with strings by solving as many string problems as possible. We have added a few practice tasks in this section. In addition, you can also find mnay suitable practice tasks online. Here, for example, is a list of tasks to solve involving strings: LeetCode strings tag.

In this section we’ve covered some more interesting topics that can be useful for solving a bigger class of problems.