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How it works?

HiredInTech is an online platform that contains lessons in algorithms, system design and soft skills for the tech interviews. And also a collection of algorithmic practice tasks spefically created to help you with your preparation for the real tech interviews.

HiredInTech is like an online course in which important topics related to the tech interviews are covered. The practice tasks resemble closely the ones given at tech interviews in some of the top technology companies.

For each task you can write a solution in one of a few programming languages (C++, Java, Python, Ruby) and send it for grading. Our grading system will run it against a set of predefined test cases and return a result. The result is a score between 0 and 100 based on the number of tests that your solution had passed. Naturally, your goal should be to get 100 points for each task.

For each task we also offer a solution with explanations and some example source code. We believe that it is best to first try to solve a problem yourself, but it is also quite useful to learn from other people's ideas and source code.

Who we are?

We are passionate software engineers who have spent a lot of time developing software. We've also been on both sides of the interview table and know a lot about this process.

  • Slavi M.

    Slavi designs HiredInTech's course structure, always thinking about what we teach.

  • Tony D.

    Tony authors much of the core curriculum at HiredInTech and writes code for the platform.

  • Daniel N.

    At HiredInTech, Daniel is responsible for any and all creative decisions.

  • Kremi N.

    Kremi takes care of DevOps tasks and writes code for our platforms.

Why we built it?

Since we put online the free preparation course for tech interviews thousands of people have used it to prepare for their upcoming interviews with the big technology companies out there.

The HiredInTech course covers algorithms and system design but it also prepares you for the specifics of the tech interviews. Over time we added the ability to practice solving sample interview tasks.

Gradually we built CodeMarathon, an open-source system for online courses, which allows people to also practice their coding and solve algorithmic problems like the ones given at tech interviews.

This is just a beta and there are many ideas about useful stuff to add. We will be working in this direction and hopefully this platform will be a powerful tool for your tech interview preparation.

We will also be adding more content and practice tasks over time. Feel free to give it a try and remember that your comments and advice are highly appreciated.

The HiredInTech Team