Algorithm Design Canvas

Algorithm design questions are among the most common kind of questions given at interviews, and no doubt the ones people struggle with the most.

The reasons are many: lack of theoretical knowledge, lack of practice, and an unsystematic approach to solving these problems during an interview. The Internet is full of “cookbook” recipes for how to solve each problem… As if reading through problems and memorizing solutions is going to do anyone any good!

Our approach is fundamentally different

Some of us have been solving algorithmic problems for fun & profit for more than 20 years. Very early on we developed a systematic process for approaching them. HiredInTech teaches this process to everyone preparing for their coding interviews.

Meet the Algorithm Design Canvas

Coupled with the right kind of theoretical knowledge, the Algorithm Design Canvas is going to give you everything you need to master algorithm design questions.

A lot of the people we’ve worked with at HiredInTech have eventually discovered that by applying the right framework and by using sites for solving algorithm design problems, they could quickly become incredibly addictive. We hope you’ll get hooked just like we did!

Let’s start in this section by looking at the Algorithm Design Canvas in more details.