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Tech interviewers will often ask you to design on the whiteboard a complicated software system in 15 minutes. How is that even possible? Interviewees have a number of common problems when facing such interview questions.

In this course we'll teach you more about designing scalable software systems through examples. We will also teach you some strategies for presenting your knowledge and skills in the best possible way.

Being successful at a tech interview is not just about practicing algorithm design or system design questions. There’s a whole other dimension to it, which is related to how you conduct yourself at an interview, how you think about the interview process, and how you behave.

Algorithmic tasks are a major component of most tech interviews. They must be solved quickly and often you write your source code on a whiteboard. Many people find that kind of setting quite hard to crack. Even good engineers could have problems when faced with a tech interview because of its specific format.

This course allows you to prepare for your tech interviews by solving real coding tasks involving different algorithms. Learn more about algorithms through practice and theory.