Platform for hosting Computer Science online courses

What is CodeMarathon?

This is an open source platform for creating and managing online courses in the Computer Science domain.

It allows teachers to add online course content and practice programming tasks for their students. Teachers can observe the progress of their students and provide feedback.

The source code for CodeMarathon is hosted publicly on GitHub.

Online Courses Organization

Teachers define course content organized in lessons. They can also add programming tasks for solving.

When students enrol they can learn from the course materials and practice by writing code to solve the programming tasks.

Rich Course Content

Course lessons are defined using Markdown, which gives an easy way to present any rich content.

Courses are organized in sections, which contain lessons. Lessons can be locked until a student completes all previous lessons.

Practice Programming Tasks Graded in Real-time

Students get to test their knowledge by solving programming problems included in the course by the teachers.

Solutions are graded with several programming languages supported. The support for this comes from the CodeMarathon Grader project that we have built for the purpose.